Secrets of the Super Elements | BBC Four

Forget oil, coal and gas - a new set of materials is shaping our world and they're so bizarre they may as well be alien technology. In the first BBC documentary to be filmed entirely on smartphones, materials scientist Prof Mark Miodownik reveals the super elements that underpin our high-tech world.  Nominated for a Mobile Journalism Award.

In 2017 I took on the challenge of directing the first BBC doc to be shot entirely on smartphones. This was long before phones had ultra-wide, telephoto or slow motion cameras. In 2017, we were excited about the upcoming release of the Iphone 7. This playful doc, with great graphics, shot (miraculously) in HD  reveals the extraordinary properties of the rare minerals behind the global tech revolution.  My article for Broadcast explains the challenges of this unique production. 

1 x 60 for BBC Four. 

BBC Studios.